The IQ®4E controller has 10 universal inputs and 6 analogue voltage outputs and is expandable up to 192 points (depending on the controller variant)

by adding I/O modules. This flexibility makes it suitable for a broad range of applications.

The IQ4E controller uses Ethernet and TCP/IP networking technologies with embedded XML and is fully compatible with other Trend IQ controllers.

The IQ4E supports BACnet over IP as standard. Trend communications over a current loop LAN is available as an option. A local PC or display

(e.g. IQView4) can be connected to the RS232 port. A Wallbus port is also provided for use with room displays.



• 16 onboard I/O channels - 10 inputs and 6 outputs                                                                                                 

• I/O bus supports up to a total of 192 I/O channels using additional I/O modules

• I/O bus length up to 300 m

• Ethernet 10/100 Mbps main network with TCP/IP protocol

• Trend current loop LAN option

• Embedded XML Web Services as standard

• BACnet over IP

• Wallbus for connection of local display devices

• RS232 and USB local supervisor/engineering ports

• DIN rail mounting, DIN 19 size 2 standard enclosure

• 230 Vac input power supply




• Reduced panel size

With its small footprint IQ4E can be placed in smaller control panels, lending itself to confined space applications


• Flexible I/O configuration

With the ability to upgrade between its available 16, 32, 64, 96, 128, 160 and 192-point variants, applications of all sizes can have a better matched control solution, thus reducing unused I/O and creating significant cost savings


• Better performance

IQ4E’s superior processing performance enables even the most complex HVAC applications to be controlled


• Longer BUS and Distributed I/O

The IQ4E has improved I/O bus capabilities, with an available length of up to 300m and the potential for 30 I/O modules to be configured. Perfect for when I/O is required in other areas of the plant room.


• Easy to engineer

With new strategy modules and soft addressing, IQ4E reduces the amount of time spent on each project. Not only does this reduce cost, it makes better use of a valuable time and engineering resource, particularly when combined with SET 7.0 Voice Commissioning



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