Trend Energy Manager (TEM) is a web-based energy performance monitoring, reporting and analysis tool. The system collects, stores and analyses energy data that is retrieved from the Trend Building Energy Management System (BEMS). Connection can be made over TCP/IP or auto dialled (e.g. Trend Modem Node (TMN), ADL, SANC) links.


Any data point (sensor/meter) that is logged synchronously, periodically or event triggered within a Trend controller or any TOPS Point (i.e. any data point that is being logged periodically or event triggered within 3rd party devices must be configured in TOPS) can be accessed and monitored using Trend Energy Manager. These could include data points such as Space Temperature Sensors, Outside Air Temperature Sensors, boiler and chiller flow sensors, and main utility meters and sub-meters (electric, gas and water).


Data collection and storage can be incorporated into an existing network server, or a dedicated server can be used. Data collection is achieved using the Data Collector, with data being stored in the SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition database, both provided as part of the TEM package.


Data collection and data point setup can be performed by a Trend qualified engineer. (Full training can be provided by Trend).


From the data that is generated and displayed, in graphical and tabular formats, operating patterns and energy wastage areas can easily be identified.



  • Web-based energy monitoring tool
  • Collects, stores and analyses data retrieved on-site
  • Licensing allows scalable points usage and concurrent users
  • Displays data in graphical and tabular formats so that operating patterns and energy wastage areas can easily be identified
  • Enables analysis of energy consumption data and finding trends in energy performance
  • Generates reports for the purposes of monitoring energy usage and costs
  • Comparisons can be made with current data against historical data (targeting), and against profiles which have been set up for expected consumption, based on the historical data
  • Degree day calculation performed by Trend system using OAT sensor readings, or calculated in Trend controller and relayed to the TEM system
  • Additional utility data (CSV files, 963 data and manual input) can be imported to support the system’s use as an energy management tool
  • Email notifications are sent automatically to site users if exceptions to profiles or faults in data collection have occurred


















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